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The Toy Viking presents: The Nordic Lucky Cat... resin art toy release announced!

The Nordic Lucky Cat resin toy from the Toy Viking
Chris Holt/The Toy Viking is excited to announce his first ever resin toy, the Nordic Lucky Cat. The inspiration for the figure was derived from the Norse goddess Freyja, whose chariot was pulled by two large felines. They never got their due in the Sagas, so this figure aims to shine a light on these unheralded beings. You think transportation was a picnic between the nine worlds? We love the mashup of themes in this figure, and it's so great to see it executed with such care and precision... which, by the way, was produced by the one and only RenOne!!!

The Nordic Lucky Cat resin toy from the Toy Viking
Each figure stands 4" tall, is made of solid resin, and will retail for $40 each. This first edition is cast in DIY white and looks just as good as is or painted by a skilled hand. These will be an open edition, meaning from time to time we will make more if people want them. Other limited editions of this figure will follow. These will be for sale HERE this Wednesday, October 17th at 12noon EST! The Toy Viking is a website dedicated to adding a humorous twist to new releases in the designer toy world. Chris Holt is the actual man who writes those things, and the man behind this figure... his facial hair is really nice as well!