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New York Comic Con 2018 preview from MPH!!!

New York Comic Con 2018 preview from myplasticheart
NEW YORK COMIC CON 2018 has officially kicked off and the folks over at MyPlasticHeart have a ton of stuff up for grabs this year, and talk about some mighty fine exclusives which include: HALLOWEEN DAIOH NEGORA by Konatsu • HALLOWEEN NEGORA by Konatsu • HALLOWEEN SHIBARA by Konatsu • SKATTUM SLIME KNIGHT by Draculazer and Toy Pizza • INU-HARIGON by Teresa Chiba • KIBUNADON by Teresa Chiba • POOLTIME KITTIES WITCH by Seulgie • MITT VENOMM by Six Twentyeight • BREADCAT by Rato Kim • FOO PUP METALLIC RED by Reactor88 • FORTUNE UAMOU STATUE OF LIBERTY by Uamou • CAMOCAT SHADES OF GREY by PlushPLAY • ARC OF TIME by Brent Nolasco • ALGONAC TRANS PINK / GID BLUE by Chris Ryniak • TARBUS THE TARDIGRADE SKINNED by DoomCo • BABY SCARECROW by Jim McKenzie... plus more! Located at booth #888, if you plan on attending, be sure to stop by the MPH booth to snag up some rad collectibles!

Oh... and there are some signings happening as well! Get your sketchbooks ready as they have a number of great artists signings this weekend so come on by for a meet and greet! Fri • 12-1pm Knights of the Slice, Sat • 12-1pm Knights of the Slice | 1-2pm Brent Nolasco | 2-3pm Jim McKenzie. So... not only can you get exclusives, but you can get them signed as well!