Mighty Jaxx presents: Baby Rabbit Black Edition by Alex Face!

Mighty Jaxx Baby Rabbit Black Edition by Alex Face polystone resin vinyl toys
It's impossible to forget that cute face in a bunny suit, and you may even remember Baby Rabbit by Alex Face OG being sold out in less than 48 hours after its release. Well, thanks to Mighty Jaxx... this figure is Back in black by popular demand! He wears a coat of black fur and holds up a tiny baby rabbit as an offering of friendship. However, turn him around and you would find that he hides a cheeky middle-finger sign behind his back, telling us that we should choose to make peace rather than let our anger and hate take over us. His third eye is a signature characteristic of Alex Face’s baby figures, symbolizing the spiritual and unknown realm that we can only feel but cannot see. Standing 12" tall, limited to 200 pieces, and made of polystone, this will retail HERE this Saturday, September 15th for $199 with free shipping worldwide (Ships 4th Quarter 2018)!