Mewglers and Dooglers rejoice... new "I love my Dog (and Cat)" Android set announced!

I love my Dog (and Cat) Android, Andrew Bell, Katherine Park, Vinyl toys, Google
Would you look at this... another fun Android set from our very own Katherine Park (who created the "I Love My Dog" Android) that was created in conjunction with Andrew Bell... the “I love my Dog (and Cat)” Android mini set will be up for grabs HERE this coming Wednesday, September 12th at 8am PST for $16 a pop. We asked Katherine about this release, and she had this to say...
I love my Dog (and Cat) Android, Andrew Bell, Katherine Park, Vinyl toys, Google
"It’s a toy meant to appeal to both the cat and dog community at Google which is why there is a dog and cat in this release! I did that on purpose since each group (mewglers and dooglers) wanted their own special figurine, so I decided to create a two for one! The dog is modeled after my dog Scooter and the cat is modeled after a gray British shorthair I had named Cheeseburger Bob. I was the ideator, and Andrew of course did the hard work of designing / doing the art vector! Along with myself, a co-worker of mine, Matthew, was my logistics partner and co-supporter... Matthew and I were partners because he wanted to get it done but didn’t want to design it, and I wanted to design but didn’t want to do logistics... a match made in heaven!" A fun little behind the scenes look, thanks, Kat! Fully funded by having Googlers buy in on this, and released in limited quantities to those folks, this set will now be made available to the public... so get ready!