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Sushi L.A. - Mechatro GiD version - Sneak Peak!!!

What’s more terrifying than Kaiju Sushi? Robotic Kaiju Sushi of course!!! Japanese robot maker "Mechatro Chubu Co., Ltd." has been tinkering in the back room of a certain sushi bar in L.A to develop a special type of mechatronic infused fish-meat that gives artist Nakao Teppei's Sushi L.A. an unearthly Phosphorescence.

One kink in the system - if the Sushi Kaiju overheats due to global warming or nuclear blasts, grape juice can leak from the system. You have been warned! This special release of Sushi L.A. is a collaboration with Mr. Moderism Kobayashi - the creator of the popular Mechatro WeGo robot and makes use of the WeGo’s signature Showa-esque Aquamarine color scheme and delicious Glow-in-the-Dark Japanese vinyl, and we love that it's just the top part of the figure that's GID... sooooo awesome! Stay tuned for more details on this release, until then, marinate on the above images!

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