Kidrobot teases new KYUUBI Dunny colorways from Candi Bolton... wait, is that an 8"?!?!?

Well... It's Candie Bolton's birthday today and the folks over at Kidrobot were super nice enough to wish her a happy one via their Instagram story... but that's not all they did as they teased a new release. Yes, those are 2 other colorways of Candi's Kyuubi Dunny from the recently released City Cryptid series, but rumor has it that these are actually 8" versions soon to be released... and how fantastic is that?!?! How many of you are excited to add an 8" Shapeshifter into your collection?!?! More details about the release in the near future... but we think KR made the right decision to bring this once smaller 3" version to the larger 8" scale! Oh... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Candie!!!

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