SUMMER SLIME 2018 with Paul Kaiju, Rampage Toys, and Bwana Spoons!!!

Once again, the awesome off-site party/toy release from Paul Kaiju has come and gone, and just like previous years, the folks who were picked to purchase... couldn't be happier! Paul had a nice array of larger sized figures, ones that turned heads... excited to see more, Bwana Spoons had a really great spread of something for everyone, and Rampage Toys also capitalized on cute as he brought not only larger hand painted figures but a ton of small micro-releases as well. Folks showed up, had tacos, and drank beer, and it appeared that everyone who was called was able to snag a ticket! Gunnzo was an awesome host, as always, and if this happens again next year, be sure to make the trip, you won't be sad! Check out the massive amount of pictures below!

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