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Utomaru × Tomenosuke - "MIMI The Cannibal Girl" Blood Red Edition announced!

In 1980, the Italian film Cannibal Holocaust was released. And, if you're a horror movie buff, then you at least know of the title and its lasting impact. Telling the story of the horrible fate that befell an American film crew making a documentary about Amazonian cannibal tribes, it was presented in the "found footage" style that has become exceedingly popular in the last 25 years. And Japanese artist Utomaru has made her own rendition of one of the film's most controversial moments, a depiction that Tomenosuke has brought to life in soft vinyl! Releasing HERE this coming Thursday, July 7th at 7pm PST will be the "MIMI The Cannibal Girl" Blood Red Edition! Limited to 30 pieces and standing almost 12" tall, this sofubi figure will retail HERE for 12,960JPY($117)... a truly intersting take on a cult classic.
Want to learn more about the origins of this figure, inspiration behind it as well as more detail about the film itself... we covered it extensively HERE... so please go check it out.

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