REVEALED: Ricardo Cavolo's "Garth Janky" from Superplastic!

Barcelona-based artist Ricardo Cavolo is known for his eclectic aesthetic that mingles folk art, tattoo culture, European religious imagery, and tribal compositions, all of which congeals in his works to form complex narratives. And his decorative design for the upcoming fox-like "Janky" figure from Superplastic is no different, his four-eyed "Garth" character erupting with pockets of flames across his inked skin, a window into his mind on the back of his head revealing a treasure chest with an iconic all-seeing eye emblazoned upon it. Set to be released as part of the first "Janky" series from Paul Budnitz's new company with art director Huck Gee, more information will be forthcoming when this new brand officially launches on May 15th, 2018!

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