THE FOODTROOPERS all white edition from Popandtoys!!!

For centuries, people from planet crudity have imposed their healthy food law throughout the galaxy. But hidden in the shadows, someone's been plotting a counter attack: The Foodtroopers are bringing back the junk foods! Warning: It will be messy! Pierre-henry Paget aka PoOL of Popandtoys is happy to introduce his latest figure... THE FOODTROOPERS all white edition! It's his first "Bootleg" with a base of a toy from his childhood: the foodfighters... mixed and adapted with a Stormtrooper! This 5" figure features 2 points of magnetic articulation and comes with an UZI gun!

This edition will be the first release of this toy and will be limited to 30 pieces, many others will be coming soon... but until then, mark your calendars for the 26th of April and visit the webshop HERE to snag one up for €80($97) a pop!

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