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Party on, Wayne... Party on, GARTH GRUESOME!!! New resin creations from Freak Fabricator!!!

Chris aka Freak Fabricator sent over his latest resin monstrosity... introducing Garth Gruesome!!! This is an original character he randomly made messing with my monster clay. Nerdiest little bunch of demon meatballs this side of the underworld. Complete with real life overbite action, Kung fu drooling powers, and a booty you can’t take you eyes off... Chris mentions that he has always been a big fan of the rubber hose animation style, so the long cartoony eyes felt right.

If you dig what you see, Chris mentions that he has plans to have a few more painted up before the weekend and he'll have them posted in his online store HERE for just $35 each. Garth stands just about 4" tall and made with high quality resin and then hand painted/airbrushed! For more info on Chris and his Freak Fabrications, hit up his Instagram!

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