Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx - Friendly Fire QUACKER edition announced!

Heads up, there’s a new bomb waddling your way! Crying fowl after being passed up time and time again in the Mighty Jaxx factory, this walking weapon finally gets his chance to shine this week. Arriving in a brand new playful shade of blue, all Friendly Fire Quacker wants is to belong to you. While this brand new colorway in sailor-blue and cheery-yellow is an eye-catching piece by itself, it will also serve as a great companion for your Friendly Fire OG.

Finished in a high-gloss varnish, Friendly Fire Quacker sure knows how to waddle into the spotlight! Standing 8” tall and made of polystone, just like how you know Friendly Fire to be, handle this dude with care and let him trade goose bumps with your toy collection today! This is the 5th figure in a limited edition series by artist Jason Freeny... releasing HERE via pre-order at 7am PST for $109 (Shipping in June 2018)... don't miss out!

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