One, Two, Bruzzy's Coming For You…

Paulo "Zukaty" Mendes's "Bruzzy" resin figure will be invading the 2018 ToyCon UK, attendees to the York Hall (in Bethnal Green, London) located event being able to stroll over to booth 29 on both April 7th and 8th to see hordes of hand-painted versions of the 4½-inch tall form. Called the "Mini Bruzzy Show", this exhibition includes "Bruzzy" pieces reinvented by the likes of Candie Bolton, DrilOne, Mark "Max Toy" Nagata, Remjie, RunDMB, Squink, and Lisa Rae Hansen, whose "Bruzzy Krueger" contribution is pictured herein. Reinterpreting the bear-like beast into a resemblance of Freddy Krueger from the A Nightmare on Elm Street films, Hansen's inventive one-of-a-kind piece not only uses the figure's double-faced design brilliantly but also let's her immaculate sculpting abilities shine. But for those wanting to catch a glimpse of this creation as well as the others in the show, be warned that they will be for sale and thus might not be on display the entire weekend!

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