Nouar x Martian Toys - Mister Self Indulgence CHERRY FLAVOR edition announced!

Pop Surreal artist, Nouar, and the folks over at Martian Toys are pleased to announce the full production designer vinyl release of Mister Self Indulgence in what they are calling the Cherry Flavor edition... and hot damn is this awesome! We haven't seen any sculpture/figure work from Nouar since our last post HERE in 2014... and we were head-over-heels for those resin art multiples... so this is really awesome to see her work get mass produced. Mister Self Indulgence is based on the Nouar’s original 2012 painting by the same name this designer toy... and as you can see from the photo on the left, the leap from 2D to 3D works out swimmingly... or should we say, deliciously?!?! (speaking of, you can pick the print up HERE right now)

Standing 9" tall, Mister Self Indulgence also includes a companion piece - “Lil’ Scoopy” - an ice cream sundae character that is 4" tall - a great stand alone piece all to himself. Mister Self Indulgence will be making his world premier at Thailand Toy Expo this coming Thursday, May 3 and will go on sale worldwide this Friday at 12Noon EST on MartianToys.com - You get the pair in one beautiful window box display for $150... another home run for Martian Toys, and a huge congrats to Nouar... this is really fantastic - a true art toy!

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