Eimi Takano x Peter Kato x Clutter - Donut Bunnie resin art multiple release announced!

No matter what time of the year it is, a bunny is always a welcome sight... and what's better then a bunny, a Donut Bunnie... that's what!!! Half Donut, Half Bunny... Completely Cute! Clutter is excited to present the first release of an amazing collaboration between the Masters of Kawaii - Eimi Takano (Japan) and Peter Kato (New York)! Using Kato's iconic Bedtime Bunnie design, Takano has transformed the well known and loved character into her signature donut style. Standing at 6" tall, these adorable bunnies are cast in resin and hand-painted in New York by Clutter Studios! The Donut Bunny OG Colorway is limited to just 25 pieces worldwide and is set to retail HERE this coming Friday, April 27th, at 9am PST for $95 a pop!

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