A Dali figurine? Yes... a brand new Kickstarter campaign from Today Is Art Day!!!

Today Is Art Day, the folks behind the popular online arts community, announced today the expansion of their artist action figure collection... and yes, it is Spanish Surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí. Just like all their previous releases (posted HERE, HERE, and HERE), this project is up on Kickstarter to get the funding needed to make it into production - and the previous projects all were funded, so let's do the same for this one!
Today Is Art Day launched the campaign today (4/4/18) and is now seeking funding through Kickstarter for this new addition with a goal of $20,000 CAD before April 30... the new PVC figurine stands at 5" tall and includes: 3 sets of stainless steel customizable mustaches - just look at all those fun staches • Dalí's signature melting clock • 5 masterpieces to be displayed on a mini-easel (including The Persistence of Memory) • 10 interesting facts about the artist on the packaging... there are a ton of tiers to pledge under, and for just $35, you can get the base Salvador Dalí figure - a rocking deal! This project has been authorized by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation... so don't delay, head on over HERE right now to help make this project a reality!

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