2PetalRose's "Lady Bo" & "Emperor Kazo" Available Today!

2PetalRose's "Kid Katana" was originally slated to be produced at a roughly 7-inch tall size, but this Oasim Karmieh sculpted gem ended up debuting last year at an almost 4-inch tall height. But this figure was part the start of an entire new universe for 2PetalRose to play with, and now he reveals two further additions to this universe: "Lady Bo" and "Emperor Kazo". Each sculpted, cast in resin, and hand-painted by the artist, each piece comes with a display base, beautiful accessories, and packaged in resealable blister pack with backing card. The geisha-like "Lady Bo" features custom designed and printed fabric for her obi and skirt, an intricate backing screen, and wooden bo staff, while the wizardly "Emperor Kazo" is accompanied by backing flags, a potion jar, and real fabric cape. Each limited to only 7 pieces available, these will be first come, first serve from 2PetalRose's online shop today (April 16th, 2018) at 1pm Pacific time for £90 (approx. $129) apiece.

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