OKEH × Mighty Jaxx's "Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red Edition)"!

Have you ever five fast food burgers in a single sitting, your stomach filled to the point that you need to throw it all up? That is what "Vomit Kid" is about: a need to expel all the filth and unpleasantries that's inside us. Designed by Korean artist OKEH, this roughly 8-inch (20cm) tall soft vinyl figure returns in a red, yellow and white themed "Fast Food Red Edition", surely made to remind us of a certain fast food restaurant mascot. Painted with "skin" whiter than a vanilla milkshake except for its clown-like nose, lips, and chili-red hair, when you turn this bad boy around then you’ll find a smiley face imprinted on the back of his red t-shirt, reminding us of the happy mealtimes we had as kids at fast food restaurants. And, for the first time, this figure's slimy gush of vomit is cast in transparent vinyl, its translucent yellow coloration reminding me of the frying oil that his most recent meal was surely cooked in! Limited to an edition of only 300 pieces worldwide, each packaged in a PE Bag with header card and accompanied by a matching iron-on patch, these will be available to pre-order on tomorrow (March 24th, 2018) at 7am Pacific time in the Mighty Jaxx online shop for $89 apiece. Expected to ship in May 2018, you gotta be lovin’ it!

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