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Mighty Jaxx presents: Sakura Kozou by Super Kaiju Corps and TEQ63 (Dragon edition) by QUICCS!!!

Mighty Jaxx is excited for a rad release this weekend, in fact, there are 2 drops... the "Sakura" Kozou by Super Kaiju Corps and TEQ63 (Dragon edition) by QUICCS - another Bruce Lee inspired figure - once right after another... both very cool and both looking quite fantastic! So... let's get down to it, shall we?!?!

TEQ63 by QUICCS (Dragon Edition) • A "QUICCS" heads-up, soldiers! The long anticipated TEQ63 by QUICCS (dragon edition) is here to kick ass! This 6" tall fighter is not one to compromise form for function! Donning a stylish yellow and black hoodie suit, he surely reminds us of our favorite flashy fighter, Bruce Lee. His arms are in his pockets by default, and he comes with an extra set of arms that can be swapped in for more dynamic poses, this Mighty Jaxx exclusive is limited edition of 100 pieces and is going to retail HERE starting on Saturday, March 17th for $75 a pop (this product ships April 2018).

Sakura Kozou by Super Kaiju Corps • Spring beckons and we are celebrating this lovely season with the arrival of our latest creation for the Super Kaiju Corps – Sakura Kozou. In contrary to the shadowy outfit of Amefuri Kozou, this special variant is painted in a myriad of beautiful pink and purple hues in soft gradient. Staying true to its Japanese roots, the kaiju wears a yukata with delicate pink petals, alongside a traditional straw hat with SKJC emblem underneath and a cherry blossom imprinted on his head! Cherry blossoms symbolizes the transience and beauty of life. Standing at 6" tall, these mythical creatures are predominantly made from Sofubi, also known as soft vinyl. Get your hands on this special edition and get started on building your own Kozou family now. Limited to 200 pieces, each comes with a packet of strawberries & cream flavored rock candies! Find him HERE on Saturday, March 17th for $89 a pop (this product ships in May 2018).

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