Igor Ventura's "Waiter, There's A Fly In My Soup" for ToyConUK!

As we previously announced, Angry Hedgehog Toys's Sam Costidell is prepared to release his brand new, 4-inch tall "Boo" resin figure at this year's ToyConUK. But now it seems that Martian Toys has stepped up and partnered with Costidell, producing a "Boo Custom Show" to be displayed at the convention! Pictured is one of the pieces by an international array of talented artists, Igor Ventura's piece which is titled "Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!" Brilliantly using the fitted mask accessory that comes with every "Boo", Ventura's creation turns that element into a soup bowl with a tiny painted fly inside it. Expertly executed with tons of beautifully crisp lines and swaths of consistent coloration, if this work is representative of the works being made for the show then we're in for a true treat!

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