Hellboy & Abe Sapien Reimagined on Dr.chickeye's "Punk Ancestor" Figures!

Even though Dr.chickeye's base "Punk Ancestor" form has aspects from classic kaiju lurking under its stubby mohawk, such as Ultraman's ears, Alien Magma's arm, and even Godzilla's body, these renditions of Hellboy and Abe Sapien perfectly fit the figure! Executed by Qfx, these roughly 4⅗-inch tall vinyl pieces are beautifully executed, obviously portraying the otherworldly friends from comics & movies without sacrificing what makes Dr.chickeye's creation so uniquely fun. Titled "Buddy" as a set, Qfx made five set of these forms, offering them out to those interested through a free-to-enter lottery system: basically, you have until March 26th, 2018 at 5pm Pacific time to Direct Message the artist on Instagram with the word "Buddy" and your email address. If you're name is one of the five randomly chosen, then you'll receive an email with details on how to pay the $200 price for your winnings!

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