Ashley Wood's Sofubi "FangGirl" Figure from 3A!

"Mort has lost his touch", Ashley Wood warns, referring to the above teaser's tagline of "Eros destroys Earth"; and replacing an embodiment of death with one of sexuality, Wood introduces "FangGirl" (or "Fang Girl"). Presented as a hyper-hourglass body shaped lady with Venus de Milo-esque armlessness, she appears to attired in a breast-baring corset and a garter belt attached to thigh-high stockings. Being produced by threeA's F3Actory Art division, this design is being "made from pure softyfubi", a jesting reference to it being cast in sofubi, also known as soft vinyl. While there has been no official announcement yet if these will be Bambaland.com exclusives and thus strictly available from the 3AA Members's area of the site, as per our recent announcement, we will certainly update you as new information arises.

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