Squink's "Wild Ones Dunny Series" Custom Artist Proofs!

Following the release of his trio of designs in the "Wild Ones" production Dunny Series from Kidrobot, artist Squink has prepared Artist Proof editions of his pieces, each on hand-painted and altered to be more unique in these AP forms. "Bubblegum Bear" has extra eye shading, a ribbon, and some extra titanium gold sprinkles. "Panic" has an improved cloud 'stick' which is more transparent and longer, allowing the cloud to be repositioned at various heights. And "Kono the Yeti" has been blood (or ketchup) splattered for that post-meal look and has additional eye shading. With extremely limited numbers available on these pieces, "Kono" will be an especially difficult score as the AP version appears to be strictly available in the set of the three! Available to purchase today (Friday, February 23rd, 2018), the release times for these are as follows: 11am Pacific time will find the full set of three released, with extra copies of "Bubblegum Bear" coming out an hour later and extras of the "Panic" design available at 1pm Pacific time. These versions are exclusive to Squink online store, costing £25 (approx. $35) for the individuals and £70 (approx. $98) for the set.

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