Igor Ventura announces the release of his AP Wild Ones Dunny set!!!

Release the beasts!!! Igor Ventura has put together an awesome Artist Proof Dunny set of his designs from the Wild Ones Dunny series released earlier this year... and for those of you looking to score all three designs he did, this is the BEST opportunity to do so! Limited to only 10 sets with all 3 designs: Napoleon, Benjamin and Aries. The figures are signed and numbered on the back. Includes 2 prints (7" x 4.7" each), and are exclusive to this release. Napoleon will be hand-painted with the buyer's choice of BLOODY or EXTRA GORE (See pictures for both options. Each blood splatter will be carefully hand painted, so some differences may occur), all you need to do is leave a message or email during checkout to specify what you would like! All of this can be your starting TODAY - Monday, August 20th at 1pm PST via his webstore HERE for just $150 (a killer deal)!

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