SEN puts up for grabs his last batch of VOLTRON Dunny's and a sweet 5" custom MAD*L!!!

Voltron MAD*L custom toy... the newest incarnation from SEN is looking super sick! Sculpted with clay on 5" MADL vinyl toy, painted with acrylic, and sealed with protective coating. SEN mentions "I really like the design of its blocky head. I think its really fits well with my take on Voltron."... and we couldn't agree more! This is one-off custom toy is up for grabs HERE right now for just $115! But wait... there's more...

The rest of the army is a 3" resin re-cast of SEN's Voltron Dunny. This will be the last batch, a total of 15 pieces of Voltron Dunny's and SEN will not be doing any more of the these in the future... this is the last of them and they are up for grabs HERE right now for $60 a pop! Don't delay on this, folks... these will sell out FAST!

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