Mighty Jaxx: Ohonneko (Koi) by K2TOY & Super Kaiju Corp - Tempura-San (Radioactive)!!!

The folks over at Mighty Jaxx have another great weekend release planned for all of us and we have all the details you need for it! So sit back, open those eyes, and have a read... as both the Ohonneko (Koi) by K2TOY & Super Kaiju Corp - Tempura-San (Radioactive) are set to release HERE this Saturday, February 24th at 7am PST!

"Ohonneko (Koi) by K2TOY": Ohonneko also known simply as the Samurai cats is the proud product of duo K2TOY designed by Katherine Kang and sculpted by Blackseed’s Kenneth Tang. Legend has it that Ohonneko is one of the toughest warriors ever despite their adorable demeanour! A new task force of Ohonneko was assembled when a daunting mission came up one fine day. The group’s disguise is having skin similar to Koi fishes (hence the name) which is used to sneak into secret palaces and hidden in Koi ponds. Limited edition of 100 pcs and standing 5" tall, these soft vinyl figures will retail for $56.99 and are set to ship April 2018 (Ideally last week of April)!

"Super Kaiju Corp - Tempura-San (Radioactive)": Tempura San was originally introduced as a mutated prawn-man who was previously a food stall owner until he got involved in an accident with a nuclear waste truck one day that changed his demeanour forever. In an attempt of power-up by jumping into a tank filled with radioactive water, his appearance is now altered further with bright and pastel mixed color, glow-in-the-dark body and limbs, and a face derpier than ever. Limited Edition of 100 pcs, these soft vinyl figures stand 6" tall and will retail for $69 a pop... Oh, and one lucky buyer will receive a one-off Tempura San (Poison) prototype - April 2018 (Ideally last week of April)!

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