Ashley Wood's "Dresden Frau Dark Parade Ms." from threeA!

According to creator Ashley Wood, or more specifically the press release for his "Dresden Frau Dark Parade Ms." design, "Every universe has their own origin for the Dresden Frau: some steeped in old testament hoo-ha, others scratched out from the modern technological angel investigating mysticism. Whatever their birthplace, they strike a strange place between death and desire", creating a "parade of eros and mort"! Standing roughly 12-inches tall, these 1/6th scale, fully articulated figures "are the Mortiis foot soldier, their missionaries", bringing "the word of black slick redemption and subjugation". With the petite body of a woman, each of these pieces is attired in a pencil skirt with leggings and striking heels, while two ammo belts feed ammunition into her machine gun head. Coming with an articulated display stand, the bad news about these threeA produced Popbot pieces is that they are Bambaland.com exclusives, meaning — according to the warning we gave — available only to 3AA Members in their unique area of the site. But, for those that were smart enough to snag a membership, this will comes with your first Bambaland Passport sticker and cost only $180 apiece!

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