"SPACE ODDITY: THE STARMAN" resin bootleg action figure from Galactic Jerkbags!

Descending from the stars TODAY - January 10th... a very special release, "Space Oddity: The Starman". A 3.75" resin action figure tribute to one of the greatest music icons of all time, Ziggy Stardust. Released just days after his birthday(Jan 8th), this is limited to only 24 hand numbered pieces and priced at $80 a pop. Concept, kitbash, and paint by Irishmofo, casting by DLL Customs, art and packaging design by MDCN, head sculpt by Ham FX and cardbacks printed by Chimera Studios. There will also be a limited run of Starman T-Shirts available for $20 each. All orders will also receive a special gift from the artist, Sean Sanford aka Irishmofo. Available HERE right now... don't miss out!

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