Han Ning's Adorable "Space Dog" Gets Bigger!

In space, no one can hear you scream… with joy at finding an absolutely adorable "Space Dog"! Or three! Chinese artist Han Ning brings his canine companion from his "Space Boy" sets back, but this time they are much bigger than the original versions! Made through a mixture of hand-assembly and machine-production, this trio of lunar New Year celebrant "Space Dog" figures are "I Miss You", "Good Lucky", and "Money Duōduō", whose name implies the maneki-neko/fortune cat figures that inspired the cat ears and waving arm affixed to his clear dome helmet.
As mentioned, these are completely new "Space Dog" forms, cast at a much larger size than the originals. In fact, if we understand correctly, these are roughly 3" × 1⅘" × 3" in size! Limited to 100 pieces in each of the three versions shown, these are available to pre-order now for $82 apiece or $237 for the set of three. Expected to ship in April, those interested in reserving copies and arranging payment should contact hanning0564 [at] sina [dot] com (PayPal payments should be sent to liyan0564_rao [at] sina [dot] com).

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