Blackbook Toys x Suicidal Tendencies: S“K”UM-kun Mixed Parts One-Offs announced!!!

Following the instantly sold out MCCyco from Blackbook Toys... is this mixed-parts one-off S"K"UM-kun with new hairstyle. One is a Mohawk and the other one is 3 strand braid, which looks so alike Dale Henderson of Beowulf, another band from Venice!!! Only 1pc of each was made and they are up for email lottery now until January 26th at 7am PST - so get on it.

If interested, email info@blackbooktoy.com witht he following info: Email Title - Mixed Parts One Off Lottery entry then include your Name • Address(Don't forget to include your country and zip code) • Telephone • Item name (You can enter only once per item. You can enter all items in a mail) • Instagram(if you have). 1person/household can order 1 piece - best of luck. More info can be found HERE.

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