What if Spider-Man joined the cartel... "Spidey-Bruv" from Kosrobot!!!

Konstantin Budkevich of Kosrobot has just announced the release of a brand new figure, and we are sure there is a ton of HYPE around this one... it's called "Spidey-Bruv" and it's the first figure in a series called "Luxury Money Cartel". Spidey-Bruv stands 6" tall and features 5 points of articulation with magnetic joints and some fun accessories, which includes: Supreme Money Gun, Gangsta Chain, and a fat stack of Money... obviously!

"Tired of his regular life, Spidey took to the streets to become real gangsta. As fate and hustle hard would have it, he found the Luxury Money Cartel where he became the Iron Poppa's right-hand man. He constantly gets into trouble, but in the end always gets cash and results. He likes big butts and swag life. Spidey-Bruv’s favorite kicks are Yeezy Boost 350 and his favorite accessory is Supreme Money Gun." Hand made of soft resin, this figure has the feel of a factory made toy... and it's now available HERE for just $35! Like we mentioned above, this is the first of many figures... the next one is "Iron Poppa" so be on the lookout!

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