Scott Tolleson's sofubi Dadbod Deadbeet Dcon debut!!!

Whoa... say that headline 10 times fast, better yet, get in your car and head on out to Dcon 2017 as Scott Tolleson will be putting up for grabs the debut "RED" edition of his Dadbod Deadbeet sofubi figure! Standing a massive 7" tall, about the same height as his last Deadbeet release - which happened back in 2012, this new version shows what happens when the undead are nourished with nothing but junk food! Sculpted by George Gaspar, who sculpted the first release as well, he really captured the mature growth of this figure... we love it - and as you can see, this RED version really pops the great sculpted details!

Limited to just 30 pieces and retailing for $55 a pop, these will be a very sought after item at Dcon... in fact, that price point is super killer for a figure lite this, so get to Scott's booth #525 as soon as those doors open, because unlike actual edible beets, these beets will be gobbled up in record time!

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