Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura's "F*ck This" & "Resist" Busts!

For years it had seemed that the feminist movement had done its job, that equal women's rights was on the right track to being accomplished. And then 45 bumbled along, slurring out statements that should've incensed any gal out there, yet he somehow was able to take office… giving the impression, at least, that the general public agreed (or at least were okay with) his degenerate attitude towards women. And, almost as if in reply directly to him, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura, partners in life and in art, issue their "F*ck This" & "Resist" busts. An original hand-sculpted design from the duo, this has been hand-cast in resin and hand-painted by them as well. Standing roughly 8½-inches tall with the flag component, these are available right now in the myswitcheroo online shop for $145 apiece, limited to 15 and 5 pieces respectively.

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