Skinner x Poposition Press - "The Necronomicon" Pop-up Book update...

How about some updates on the upcoming, very soon to be released "The Necronomicon" Pop-up Book from Skinner and Poposition Press?!?! We knew you couldn't say no... and rightfully so as we are really excited about this release as well! They are making some seriously amazing progress on this book and the pre-order promo that has discounted pricing and a free pin will end on October 31st... so yeah, even more incentive to hop on this HERE right now! A meeting of H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror concepts with Skinner's psycho-delic illustration aesthetic in pop-up book form! Titled "The Necronomicon", after Lovecraft's famous forbidden tome creation, this book features pop-up spreads based on five classic stories by the author: "The Dunwich Horror", "The Shadow Out of Time", "The Call of the Cthulhu", "At the Mountains of Madness", and "The Colour Out of Space".

As of this post, the "Arkham Oak Tome" edition is sold out, but the "Earth Dweller" and "Elder God" editions are still available. The Shambling Freak image (black and white pic above) will come as an art print with Elder God editions and will also be etched into the slipcases those come in... WHAT?!?! Yeah, this just scream wicked cool all over it, smothered in even more piles of cool with a dash of extra cool... can you tell that we really dig this?!?! So enough with the talk... now it's time for you all to take action. Head on over HERE right now to pull the trigger on this amazing art book... one for the ages!

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