The Next Best Thing to Dunny Azteca Series 3: it's DMX8!

Día de Muertos, Spanish for "Day of the Dead", is a multi-day Mexican holiday wherein gatherings of friends and family pray for, remember, and offer help on the spiritual journey of those dear to them that are deceased. It was also the name and theme of the second blind boxed custom Dunny series from the Hecho en México (DMX) collective, having been released back in October of 2014 (see here). And for DMX Series 8, the group is revisiting this theme, offering their newest hand-painted (and frequently modified) Dunny series: "Día de Muertos 2". Set to be released in October, we can't wait to see exactly who is involved in this outing, as it will serve up another look at what could've been if Kidrobot made "Dunny Azteca Series 3".

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