Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot - King Howie 8-inch Dunny released!!!

"The sailors would often talk about what they feared most about heading out into the open sea. It was not the sharks or serpents. It was not falling into the dark abyss below. But rather the Odd One that lived there. They all feared the King. The ancient King of the Sea. King Howie.
Available now in TWO COLORS at Kidrobot.com... Scott Tolleson has released the Kraken, errrr, Cthulhu... are ready to conjure up the King of the Odd Ones with the King Howie 8” Dunny?!?! Upscaled from his previous 3" Dunny that released as part of the Odd Ones Dunny series a few years back, this massive beast looks amazing at a larger size... and both new colorways feature a wonderful metallic sheen... so vibrant! The wings come attached to the back and really give life to this figure... not to mention the subtle paint/deco applied throughout the figure, really cool! We did a live unboxing of the PURPLE colorway... give it a view below!
The Kidrobot.com exclusive PURPLE color is limited to 200 pieces worldwide and is set to retail for $85 where as the GREEN is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and is retailing for $80 a pop! Super limited in both colorways and super rad! Summon him to your collection today or lose him to the deep forever! Oh... and while you are at it, KR has the 3" exclusive NYCC blue edition up for grabs - so get him as well!

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