Give me a break, give me a break... Andrew Bell's "KillKat" in VINYL?!?!

Initially created for the Bewitching II group art show at Stranger Factory in 2012, Andrew Bell brought to life a rad sculpture based on the KitKat candy bar... aptly titled "KillKat" and part of his 'Killer Candy' series, these were a huge hit and sold immediately. Fast forward to a few days ago, and Andrew Bell teased the above image with the following info" Who knows what evil lurks in the pockets of children... #killkat #vinyl #candy #ono #NYCC #888 @myplasticheart"... yes, we see that this will be released at Myplasticheart during NYCC, yes, we see that his KillKat was recreated... but wait, what's that one hashtag, the one that says VINYL... yeah, that caught our attention, as it appears to be these frighting food fiends are actually production pieces! Now... this is just speculation, and we don't know anything other then what's been posted... but if that's the case, get ready for a fun new figure!
KillKat OG created for Betitching II show at Stranger Factory
Turnaround of the KillKat OG created for Betitching II show
Until we find out more info from either myplasticheart or Andrew, we have these above images to chew on... yeah, those are his one-off sculptures he created for the Bewitching II show... and if you compare them to the top image in the header, you can see some slight differences, mainly the paint/eye look to be more factory painted rather then actually painted by Andrew.... then again, this could be a HUGE stretch! Oh.... and if this is true, does that mean we will see the "Green Tea" colorway as well?!?!?  We are excited, nonetheless, to find out more! Stay tuned...

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