"Watermelon Sunset" and "Milky Mint" new resin Mister Melty's from Buff Monster!!!

Summer is almost over, but it’s always melty in Buff Monster Land. These colorful painted and unpainted mint resin Mister Meltys will give you a bit of summer in the coming cold months ahead. This is the second colorway of the 5” rotocast Mister Melty and he’s better than ever; The molds have been remade and he’s a bit heavier than the previous release. The painted version, “Watermelon Sunset” ($60), features a variety of airbrush color with some spray paint splatter and a super nice gloss coat. The unpainted one is a nice "Milky Mint"($40) color with a matte finish. Both stand 5” tall and come in a heat-sealed labeled bag. Get yours HERE this Friday, September 1st at 7am PST.

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