Scott Tolleson & SeriouslySillyK's "Krampus Dunny" from Kidrobot!

While a tad early to be getting into the Christmas spirit, the Krampus isn't waiting until this year's Xmas night to return, he's making an appearance in October courtesy of Kidrobot, Scott Tolleson, and Kathleen "SeriouslySillyK" Voigt! Originally spotted last year as a unique custom made for the "NYCC DTA Dunny Show", this Tolleson designed and Voigt sculpted piece is returning in a factory produced rendition, it's 5-inch tall form bringing chagrin of those on Santa's naughty list but a joy for the rest of us. With this announcement coming in the form of a preorder available now at Strangecat Toys, the "Not Final Product" images provided are of the actual custom, but we assume Kidrobot's released rendition of this horned and sculpted fur-covered creature will be rather true to the original, complete with whipping stick, shackles, and basket on its back (complete with little boy 3-inch Dunny inside)! Limited to 800 pieces in this produced version, these are expected to be released in October of 2017 (NYCC debut?) and cost $75 apiece.

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