Retroband Reveals Two New MEATS-sized Figures?!?

The maestro of horrific art toys, Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys, was recently featured as a segment focus on his local TV news channel, which you can watch below (or HERE on their own site). After watching it, you probably noticed that Moreno was working on sculpting a new figure, scenes of him doing so intercut throughout the interview. ButBut, for the sharp-eyed, they quickly show his design sketches (pictured above) and it actually shows TWO new figure designs!?! Both presumably the same 12-inch height that Moreno's MEATS figure stands at, the first design is an 'old crone' type design who has her right side covered in leathery, sagging skin while her left side has a bevy of bones showing! This actually isn't specified as being a female character, but there's something about the design the reminds me of Henrietta's ultimate form in Dead Alive (aka Braindead), and I mean that in the most complimentary way. The other figure appears to be more slime covered but is not the previously revealed "Oily Maniac", as this new dripping creature has more of a defined humanoid form, as well as a second face in his belly and one tendril-like arm. There might be an alternate head for this one, as the sheet between the two full body designs does have "Slime" and "Rot" head options listed. We can't wait to see more on these fantastic figures, revealing their every ghastly detail!

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