RESTORE's Debut "Dr.K" GID Mini Figure at WonFes!

In a surprise twist, Restore have announced that one of the main characters in their "Neo Japan" line will make its mini figure debut at this year's Wonder Festival in Japan: "Dr.K"! For those that have read the back stories, "Dr.K" is the scientist that accidentally created the "monster" whose existence possibly cause the "Zombing" epidemic, thus "Dr.K" resurrected a dead man as the hero "Neo Japan" and built his cyborg sidekick "Iron Meat" to balance the scales! Now "Dr.K" is a mini figure, standing roughly 3½-inches tall, or about the same as the "Are You F***ing Zombie?" figures from Restore, this debut version is cast in glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl! Made available alongside the new editions of "Neo Japan Ronin" and "CollectLister (Pinky House)" as well as the debut version of "Osaka Anarchy", this mini figure will be ¥1500 (approx. $14) apiece and available on July 30th at WonFes Booth No.7-03-17!

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