PLASEEBO's "Cyborg-X" & "Gnawmeleon" for KaijuMashup 2017!

Bob Conge of Plaseebo reveals two of his contributions to this weekend's "KaijuMashup 2017" exhibition at the Design Fiesta Gallery in Japan, "Cyborg-X" & "Gnawmeleon". Both one-of-a-kind works, these hand assembled creature creations sport Conge's signature elements, including glass taxidermy eyes and internal motion-activated, color-changing LED units (with replaceable batteries). Both hand-painted by Conge with multiple colors of spray, these will be displayed alongside works by other luminaries within the modern kaiju world: Bloodguts, Gumtaro, Guumon, Kaiju Tan, Milkboy Toys, Paul Kaiju, Punkdrunkers, and Splurrt.

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