Paul Kaiju reveals his BEASTS for 'Summer Slime' pop-up at SDCC 2017!

Continuing what has become an annual event for kaiju fans, Paulkaiju continues to put on one awesome show that takes place during San Diego Comic-Con... and hours before the convention floor closes, fans flock to Gunnzo in time to claim one of the stellar pieces at the pop-up exhibit there. Having been joined for the last two years by another kaiju luminary, Bwana Spoons, the duo becomes a trio as they add Rampage Toys to the mix... and we have some reveals for you today from Paul Kaiju... and hot damn are his fans in for a treat! Including, but not limited to: Split Cyborg Chimera micro-run, Quateroid mini, Scummy Joe (includes Salamander Joe head), Milky Bloom Chimera, Electric Mockbat micro-run, Scummy Joe one-off, Hyper Kraken - Sugar Cookie, Hyper Kraken one-off, Split Cyborg Chimera micro-run... yeah, some sick looking pieces, and on top of that, customs and one-off's from Bwana and Rampage Toys!
"Summer Slime" — will be happening on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 with free tickets to enter the drawing to purchase figures being handed out starting at 6pm and actual ticket number drawings being at 7:30pm. Please note that even though Gunnzo have relocated, this event will be held at the same location as last year: 2445 Juan St, San Diego.

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