My Favorite SDCC Exclusive: Amanda Visell's "Wood Labbit"

Over the years there have been some truly stellar designer toy exclusives released at San Diego Comic-Con, and, as SDCC is right around the corner, I thought I'd share my favorite one: Amanda Visell's "Wood Labbit". Not only was Visell the first artist, aside from Labbit creator Frank Kozik, to have a design produced on the form, but she was also allowed to heavily modify the shape into something her own. Produced in a quantity of only 300 pieces by Kidrobot, this was a true SDCC exclusive with no copies reserved for those of us that couldn't attend. And while I wish I had been able to get one, it remains a fantastic design regardless. Of course, the story doesn't quite end there, as Visell followed this up with an assortment of absolutely phenomenal custom versions, which you can read all about in my CoART Magazine article on these works HERE.

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