Jermaine Rogers for SDCC 2017!!!

Just like very year, Jermaine Rogers loads up a ton of amazing merchandise for SDCC and wows us all... most recently, a ton of new figures, and this year is no different as he has some really fun new items up for grabs! So... without further ado, let's dig into the meat and potatoes of his booth (#4532).
First up, and something wee are very excited about, a brand new sculpt that Jermaine has yet to be revealed. For an upcoming resin art multiple series of figures, the above teaser has us clawing at our screen for more... and more we shall have, in a few days!

Check out this AMAZING news... Jermaine will be releaseing 2 new colorways of his 'VEIL: Specimen #72' I think I am Losing My Mind! A sweet "Dero-Skin" edition that is limited to 125 pieces and the "Shadow" edition that is limited to 300 pieces... both of which look seriously boss!

Ohhhhh, a new "Creeping" Dero... in what Jermaine is calling the 'Spectre' edition! This features water clear resin that is dowble cast with glow in the ark swirl! This is limited to 50 pieces and is sure to be a HUGE hit!

On the collaboration front, it looks like Special Ed Toys is rocking some serious freshness with Jermaine this year as they have taken Jermaine's "Candyman" character seen in his illustration work and turned him into an action figure. Releasing as the "Regular" edition which is limited to 50 painted figures on a backer card and the "Grape" edition which is limited to just 25 pieces... so great!

Last, but now least... what's this, a new figure... kinda! What looks like the body of Jermaine's 'VEIL: Specimen #72' I think I am Losing My Mind -with a new set of arms/hands, this new'ish "VEIL:EAST" is a 10-inch tall vinyl figure that is limited to 500 pieces and features some great black/white paint... PANDA!!! Really dig the minor tweak with the arms to create a fun new figure!

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