"I'm gonna burst" a new resin art toy from Emilio Subirá!!!

Emilio Subirá shares with us today his latest resin art multiple... the "I'm gonna burst"!!! This cute little sweet nihilistic ballon is worried about how long he will endure through his most recent party! Behind its cute appearance hides the pain of a nonconformist who is sick of it all who feels like he is invited to an absurd party that he can´t stand any more. That´s why he seems quite sad... "I´m gonna burst" is releasing in 3 colorways: "Red", "Purple" and "Orange" and each resin 4" tall figure is limited to 3 pieces of each color and is priced at $69 a pop. Head on over HERE right now to pick one up... before they explode and go away forever!

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