EGGY: Fun and Interactive Vinyl Collectibles... now on Kickstarter!

we previewed the now launched Kickstarter campaign for the new Eggy figure HERE a few weeks ago, and now... the campaign has launched... and it's doing AMAZING! With 59 days to go, and of their needed $7,300 goal... they have already almost doubled that, and we can see why... Eggy is a rad new figure for all to love! Inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of “Okiagari” which means to get up and arise. Eggy is redesigned with a minimalistic feel and an added dose of cuteness. Symbolically, the toy represents resilience. With this, we have found the perfect balance between art toy, and engagement.

Sit him on your desk, play with him on the ground, this little stout figure is the perfect companion... and we love the simple design elements for this initial release. Oh... and through their Kickstarter campaign, you can pledge at many different tier levels... all of which will get you some really cool items.
One that really catches our eyes is the 'Defy Gravity' tier that dos just that... it includes a rad magnetic platform 'MAGIC LEVI Platform' that allows the Eggy to actually float... it's like magic! Check out the video above - So cool! They really did think of everything and seeing as though this is already funded, we can't wait to see the rest of their STRETCH GOALS and what else they have up their sleeves for future releases! Head on over HERE right now to be apart of this movement, Eggy needs you... and you need Eggy!

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