ANNOUNCED: JUBI × InstincToy's "The Poisonous Scorpion Kaiju"!

The last 12 months have been crazy for JUBI, a Taiwanese game art designer, who had his first designer toy -- "The Gigantic Crab Kaiju!" -- produced by Unbox Industries and now a second concept is being executed by InstincToy! Titled 「毒蠍怪獣」, or "The Poisonous Scorpion Kaiju", this 7⅖-inches tall piece seems not only thematically linked to the artist's previous design but sized to exist in the same world. Pictured herein is the newly completed 3D printed prototype, which will be displayed at the brand's Wonder Festival booth at the end of the month, and wax molds are already underway with an expected release date before the end of the year. With 33 soft vinyl cast parts not counting the 8 eyeballs, this beast will be an articulated monster the likes of which we rarely see. And, trust me, we can't wait to see this creature's finished form!

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