Zyabra Team launches creature Kickstarter!

Belgium based Krakazyabra Art has launched a really fun Kickstarter to hopefully bring their cute creature creations to more of a mainstream audience with the world`s first happiness companions... the Zyabra's! What look like mythical creatures from another world, these hand crafted creations are really rad looking and by backing this project, not only can you get your own one-off Zyabra, but there are all kinds of other reward tiers that are totally worth a look as well! With names like: "Forest Dreamer", "Snow Mesmerizer", "Catcher Of Shooting Stars", "Lunar Explorer", "Moom Dreamer", and so many others... it's in your best interest to help this project get funded. So head on over HERE right now to help them reach their goal and to get some rad figures in return!

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