Wetworks's "The Scavenger" Customized by DrilOne, BEDazzler Art & Firehead Designs!

Martian Toys partners once again with Singapore-based artist Carlo "Wetworks" Cacho, bringing forth a second wave of "The Scavenger, Artist Editions". Arranging to have a talented array of provide hand-painted editions of Cacho's 3¾-inch tall resin rendition of Rey from new Star Wars film additions. This newest array of works includes the above-pictured "The Star Destroyer" edition by DrilOne, who not only lends his distressed, weathered military aesthetic to the original piece but adds an Imperial ship and a BB2 tank accessory to each set, which are limited to a total of 3 made and cost $150 per set from HERE. Giving a cartoonish tone to an already animated-feeling piece, Cesar D of Firehead Designs contributes "The Sith Edition" version, limited to just 10 pieces and which are available now from HERE for $99 apiece. And, finally, there are the pieces by Jen "BEDazzler Art" Bednarski, who has created "The Star Gazer Edition" in two variations, the beige "Twilight" and blue "Midnight" versions, both limited to 5 pieces and available for $99 apiece from HERE.

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